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James Bond 007

Although the first watch worn by 007 James Bond was Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster was the mostly used wristwatch in recent 007 movies, whether it was Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, they all wore Omega Seamaster watch as the weapon in the movie, so most people thought that Omega was the authentic 007 watch. In 1999, James Bond wore an Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer watch in movie World Is Not Enough; in Casino Royale of 2007, Daniel Craig, the actor of James Bond, still wore the Omega Seamaster, so was in the latest Quantum of Solace(2008). Our store can provide you with the complete replica version of all wristwatches that have been worn by 007 James Bond, these Omega 007 replica watches are made exactly the same as the orginal, perfect gift for 007 movie fans.

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